Mathieu Rouleau

The master of emotions / VP experiential and events division for B12.

His passion? Experiential marketing.

More than 15 years have passed since Mathieu Rouleau began his career in experiential marketing. He made his field debut learning the basics and discovering the crucial role a brand ambassador plays during activation. He then joined as a team member for agencies specialized in experiential marketing and events. He confidently increased his responsibilities while honing his skills. He held for several years the positions of General Manager, Head of Planning and was the key liaison for major clients such as La Capitale, Roche, Gaz Metro, McDonald’s Restaurants of Canada, Bud Light, Budweiser and IBM.

Mathieu has been honoured designing and leading many exceptional and innovating events aimed at promoting brands and products to different target audiences.

Two major events have marked his career:

    • He contributed to the success of the Canada-wide Kokanee beer brand sampling tour in the middle of winter involving multiple stops at ski resorts and
    • Played a key role within one of the largest outdoor ice hockey events, “Le Trip Hockey Bud Light”, that required the deployment of 20 “made to measure” ice rinks that attracted more than 2,000 players.

Mathieu explains:
“The success of experiential marketing is based on key principles that I never lose sight of:

    • Create personalized events for the client while respecting his budget and his objectives;
    • Always put yourself in the consumer mindset and the brand;
    • Make sure you create and generate intense emotions, to provide a unique and memorable experience for both the consumer and the brand;
    • Always favour a direct contact and 1:1 conversation with the participants;
    • The event must include a WOW factor in order to provoke astonishment and enthusiasm, make your mark create a buzz for your brand.